Only 200 of these exist

We’ve stripped the original Beosound 9000 CD player to its core and rebuilt it from the ground up.

Guided by design legend David Lewis’ original vision to proudly display your music, instead of hiding it in a black box. Its tall, transparent form makes a gallery of your albums.

A duo of Beolab 28s showcase the unbeatable fidelity of your CDs. It’s a goosebump-raising partnership of acoustics and aesthetics. This is Beosystem 9000c.

An extraordinary home cinematic experience is being launched in the United States this month at Bang & Olufsen’s Costa Mesa, Calif., showroom.  The bundle (model LSAD-U136RBO90) also will be available through selected specially certified LG MAGNIT integrators catering to the luxury residential market across the country. Together, the 11-foot diagonal LG display and pair of four-foot-tall B&O floor-standing speakers are available now at Bang & Olufsen’s Cossta Mesa showroom.  

Bang & Olufsen Of Southern California

 The prime destination in Southern California for top-tier speakers, smart home devices, lighting control, motorized shades and high-end home theater.

Behind the Scenes:

Beovision Harmony

All of the speakers, smart home devices, and high end electronics at our Hollywood and Los Angeles area stores are crafted with proud Danish Design heritage in mind, including the innovative Beovision Harmony TV. The design team at Bang and Olufsen have created a mid-century modern designed TV with cabinets that hide the TV and yet fully integrates with your living room or media room.

When you want the best in design, craftsmanship, sound, the best in 4K OLED technology, you must see and experience Beovision Harmony 77inch 4K OLED TV and the other high end electronics, smart home devices, and speakers, at our West Hollywood, Costa Mesa, and Pasadena stores, as well as and our newest store in La Jolla.

A wonderful picture is a must and the new Beovision Harmony doesn’t disappoint, but the addition of a newly designed 3-channel speaker setup brings a forceful and yet delicate sound that comes from the newly designed cabinet.

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