​Thanks to the evolution of home-focused technologies, we are seeing rapid expansion of smart home design and greater adoption of home automation. What does this mean? Smart Home design refers to how today’s technologies: touch pads, wireless, sensors, programming and network design have contributed to home design with greater lifestyle anticipation and fingertip control than ever before.

For our West Hollywood, Pasadena, la Jolla, and Orange County smart home design we’ve chosen the best brands: those that have pioneered advances in Home Automation and Smart Home management: Crestron, Savant and Control4. Each delivers a family of devices and technologies that operate seamlessly and lend themselves to a lifestyle where serious control is surprisingly simple.

​Examples include: thermostats that automatically go up or down as temperatures change, shades that close when the sun is lower and UV might damage furniture or art, security that senses when something is not right and signals you as such, music in every room or amazing home theaters that operate at the tap of a finger. All these are now a staple part of designing and creating a Smart Home and giving your residence a level of Home Automation you never thought possible. To get started with your West Hollywood, Pasadena, Orange County, or La Jolla  smart home design contact us today.

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