Hollywood, CA TV Store

As Hollywood, CA’s go-to TV store, Bang & Olufsen know that visual impact isn’t just about pleasing the eyes. Our ears are also crucial in shaping our perception of reality. By combining stunning image quality television that surpasses Hollywood’s expectations with exceptional TV speakers, Bang & Olufsen’s televisions, TV speakers, and sound bars redefine Hollywood’s idea of entertainment systems. Lean back and experience TV with powerful sound, channeled through dedicated audio features. Imposing bass, custom drivers and powerful ICEpower amplifiers, honed and harnessed for an acoustic experience that’s felt from top to toe. Our Pasadena, La Jolla, Orange County, and Hollywood TV stores have televisions, TV speakers, and sound bars you can take a look at so you can experience the Bang & Olufsen difference before you buy.


The televisions offered by our Hollywood, Pasadena, Orange County and La Jolla Bang & Olufsen stores are now even more versatile than before. Spotify – with more than 20 million songs – is yours to enjoy, transforming televisions we sell in Hollywood into superior music systems. Fill your living space with the sound of your favorite artists, stunningly reproduced with Bang & Olufsen Hollywood quality TV speaker sound, at just one touch of your remote.

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