​There is an extra sense of enjoyment and cameraderie when activities move to the outdoors: TV, music, cooking, sports, swimming – everything seems to go better with great sound from Bang & Olufsen. The lifestyle experts at Bang & Olufsen Outdoor Speakers have created superb products that sound larger than life, yet install inconspicuously throughout today’s marvelous outdoor entertainment areas: in-ground, under eaves, built into walls or ceilings or install anywhere, And they stand up to Mother Nature – whether icy winters or hot summers.

When you choose Bang & Olufsen in Beverly Hills or Orange County for your outdoor speaker design, you are choosing the best. Our design crew is expert at creating system layouts that cover your outdoor areas with seamless music and beautiful installation. And we easily make your entire outdoor entertainment system a part of your fingertip control system. So your focus can be on the enjoyment of your outdoor fun and not on the gear at all.

To upgrade your home in Beverly Hills, Orange County, or La Jolla with outdoor speakers, contact a Bang & Olufsen expert today.

Bang & Olufsen Beverly Hills
479 N Rodeo Drive
Suite 104
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Bang & Olufsen Orange County
South Coast Collection
3323-B Hyland Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Bang & Olufsen La Jolla
7851 Girard Ave
La Jolla, CA 92037

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